Vitt bläck/White ink (2012)


Hand painted textiles with dextrose or tartaric reservage.

The title White ink alludes to the French philosopher Hélène Cixous’ claim that “the woman writes with white ink”, ie breast milk. Cixous describes the prerequisites for her own writing. She compares herself to a painter, writing by hand. When she writes, she does it without interruption for eight or ten hours, “as a marathon runner.” If she does not know she has the unbroken period ahead, she sees no point to start.

Cixous’ description is put in contrast to the conditions of the work with the series
White ink, which is characterized by disruption and fragmentation – nursing, painting, washing, pumping breast milk.

When the brush strokes with dextrose dries, they disappear, invisible like water. When the fabric is rinsed and excess color is washed out from the fibers, the  white text, the brush strokes, appears.


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